Olympia Electronics named as one of Europe’s best in first ever ‘Ones to Watch’ list

Olympia Electronics has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.

Olympia Electronics was chosen as it demonstrates exceptional achievement in one of the 12 European Business Awards’ categories and reflects the programme’s core values of innovation, success and ethics.

Founded in 1979, Olympia Electronics S.A. is the market leader in the Greek electronic safety and security industry. The company is active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology. Olympia Electronics currently employs 174 people with 10% in R&D and its products are exported to 72 countries worldwide. One of the oldest and largest electrical and electronics manufacturers in Europe, Olympia Electronics entered into emergency lighting manufacturing in 1981 followed by fire alarm manufacturing in 1985.

In 1986 the company became the Greek leader in the electronic safety and security industry and began exporting its products in 1989.

From 1990 through to 1999, the company expanded its product offering (9 product lines) maintaining a dominant position in the market.

Between 1999 and 2004, the company won many industry awards for its successful and innovative business activities.

 In February 2005 Olympia Electronics achieved EFQM (European Foundation Quality for Management) recognition.


Olympia Electronics will now have the chance to compete in one of the 12 categories of the European Business Awards to become a National Winner in their country. If successful, they will then take part in the grand final in May 2018, where the final 12 European winners will be announced. They will also have the chance to enter a public vote, which attracts attention and support from across the globe.

The Awards Categories for 2017-2018:


  1. The RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  2. The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year
  3. The Award for Innovation
  4. The Award for International Expansion
  5. The Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award
  6. The New Business of The Year Award
  7. The Workplace and People Development Award
  8. The Customer and Market Engagement Award
  9. The Digital Technology Award
  10. The Business of the Year Award with Turnover € 0 - 25M
  11. The Business of the Year Award with Turnover €26M - 150M
  12. The Business of the Year Award with Turnover €150 +



For casting a vote please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click the Link https://www.businessawardseurope.com/vote/detail-new/36/23266  and you will be redirected to Olympia Electronics’ S.A video.

Complete the «Vote for this entry» field and write your e-mail, then click « Click here to Vote »

Step 2

Open the e-mail that you will have received from European Business Awards and click to the link inside. You may probably be asked to use the e-mail and password that will have sent to the same e-mail. After completing this procedure click «Login» in order to register your vote.

In case you want to vote with more than one e-mail accounts you will have to Logout firstly and then repeat the same procedure.


 Your vote is valuable to us!


Thank you in advance for your support.


For more information or help please contact us: info@olympia-electronics.gr

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer