Selection of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. products from FRAPORT for Rhodes Airport

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A., a leading manufacturer of electronic security systems, has been producing and exporting its products for over 40 years to more than 72 countries: the European Union, the Eastern European countries and Russia, the Middle East and its countries Gulf, America, and Australia. The company's products have been placed in important and major projects around the world, mainly in: Airports, Hotels, Tunnels, Various Facilities, Shopping Centers and more.

Recently OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. products were selected by Fraport Greece, as part of its investment program, which aims to transform 14 modern Greek airports with radically upgraded infrastructure and services. More specifically, the innovative products of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. have been installed at the Rhodes' Diagoras Airport, in order to make the airport's visitors more functional, friendly and even safer.

As part of the management and operation of the 14 airports, FRAPORT GREECE has developed a comprehensive plan for its modernization and development. The cooperation of the two companies, FRAPORT GREECE, and OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. will make a significant contribution to Rhodes' Diagoras Airport, but overall all the 14 regional airports, to finally enter a new era, with modern airports worthy of our country's beauty, reputation, and international radiance.

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