New product: GR-573/L/G/CBS – Tunnel Light

Recognizing the importance of state-of-the-art technology in its manufacturing process, OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. has developed the new emergency luminary TUNNEL LIGHT - GR-573/L/G/CBS. It is an internally illuminated safety sign, which features side-by-side LED rows as well as a built-in lamp specially designed for tunnels.

The built-in corridor luminary features high-power LEDs to achieve the necessary illumination in the corridor under the luminary. It is suitable for tunnels to which RABT 2006 and EN 16276: 2013 apply. It is possible to manage the supply of illuminated surfaces separately or together. It is powered and controlled by a central battery system and is suitable for wall mounting. With proper wiring it can be controlled by PLC or SCADA. The luminary has been tested by our company for IP65. The built-in corridor luminary can function as a beacon upon request.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A., one of the largest manufacturers of electronic security systems on the world market, with the largest range of products, develops, produces and exports innovative security systems, combining advanced technology with attractive design and competitive prices.

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer