OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. Applies Industry 4.0 to its Production Process - New Mechanical Equipment and Certification by Japanese FUJI

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A., aiming at the automation of the production of cutting-edge technology, has adopted production and control procedures within industry 4.0 over the past few years. The production process of the company focuses on the production of quality products where strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. while recognizing the importance of the 4th Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0) strongly believes in this effort by investing in machinery, expertise, human resources and cutting-edge technology equipment.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. this year celebrates its 40 years of operation since (1979-2019), while completing its new investment with the construction of a new building next to the existing building in Methoni, Pieria. The company's new investment includes a new state-of-the-art mechanical equipment with 5 FUJI production lines, over which OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. employees were trained and certified by special trainers of the Japanese company FUJI. With the expansion of the SMT division, the following will be achieved: increase of production capacity, exploitation of the useful production time, uninterrupted change and supply of material, extremely precise assembly, assurance of the high quality of the product, improvement of the working efficiency, reduction of the load of the operators minimize working time for changing and maintaining machines.

FUJI certification demonstrates the reliability and experience of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. in the field of electrical equipment, both in Greece and abroad. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. is particularly sensitive about security issues, knowledge transfer to increase risk awareness and the presentation of safe practices, and aims to continually develop and continuously improve its products and services.

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