• GR-272
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-270
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-1107/60V/B-973/HT
    Programmable LED Luminaire Converter
Installation of Olympia Electronics' Emergency Luminaires in the tunnels of Ionian Route


One of the greatest route building project, the motorway "Ionian Route" in Greece has recently been equiped with Emergency Luminance by Olympia Electronics. Our company's emergency luminance solutions are built accordng to high standards and are certified by reputable European Certification Institutes. 

 Ionian Route is the second major north-south road connection in Motorway 1. It will also be part of the trans-balcanic Adriatic- Ionian motorway and the European routes E55 and E951.  The motorway's main section, commonly referred to as Ionian Route starts at Ioannina and it follows the western coastline of mainland Greece down to the Gulf of Corinth. At Rio, it crosses the gulf via the Rio–Antirrio bridge.


 The main importance of this route building lies in the fact that it will help the movement of people and goods, contributing to the development of the primary sector, tourism, services and culture. It is also obvious that city-to-city road transport is becoming an easy task while the road safety levels are expected to be increased and to alleviate the road and fatal accidents.