Installation of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. products in Reha Zentrum Lubben - Germany

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS SA, the largest Greek security systems industry since its inception in 1979, has been successful in Greece and 72 countries abroad. Its products have been placed in the largest projects in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf countries and Africa, while adorning most of the professional and private spaces of high aesthetics of our country.

Recently the internally illuminated safety signs ZLD-34/CBS/EM of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS SA were placed in Reha Zentrum Lubben Rehabilitation Center in Germany. Reha Zentrum Lubben is a specialized clinic for orthopedics and oncology, which has 220 beds in total and accommodates over 4,000 patients per year. Once again due to the reliability and certified quality of its products, OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS SA was chosen for the placement of its luminaries from a very demanding and important building.

The products of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. have been manufactured with high quality and have been certified according to European standards, which makes them suitable and absolutely safe for their placement in homes, but also professional buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, universities etc. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. by fully implementing all legislative and regulatory requirements related to the quality and safety of the products it produces, aims to meet the needs and requirements of its customers in a timely, accurate and consistent manner.

«European Manufacturer»

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer