• BS-468/A/KIT
    Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit
  • CLD-30
    LED Self Testing, Maintained-Non Maintained Emergency Exit Sign
  • GR-270
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
Olympia Electronics S.A. among 175 companies at the forefront of growth, according to Grant Thornton

Olympia Electronics S.A., the largest Greek manufacturing company in safety and security industry, based in Methoni, Pieria that exports to 72 countries, is one of the 175 companies that stand out according to the list of the international audit firm Grant Thornton for their high turnover, earnings before tax, cash flow, cash and net profit after taxes.

 The 175 listed companies that stand out according to the  international audit firm are active in Greece but export worldwide. Their main characteristics, which have been distinguished, are the high competitiveness, the retention of turnover, the operational profitability and the high cash flow. Some of these businesses, have no loan repayments pending or have very low repayments compared to their balance, that confirms their great financial state.

 Olympia Electronics has achieved to gather many distinctions thanks to its upward course and the increased export activity, that motivates us to constantly strive for the best.