Electric Insect Trap with glue 220-240V AC


The electric insecticides are used to exterminate various annoying insects. The built-in lamps (Black Light) produce a light that attracts insects from a distance. They can be used in every area that many insects exist. They are attracted and pass though the interior metal net, they are exterminated by the adhesive sheet. Without using any chemical material it offers a complete protection against many like insects mosquitos, flies, tiny gnats etc.


Type Lamps Consumption Covering Area
RT-70 BL 2x15W 51W/100VA 40m²
RT-70/HACCP HACCP 2x15W 51W/100VA 40
RT-72 BL 2x15W(2 sided) 100VA 80
RT-72/HACCP HACCP 2x15W (2 sided) 100VA 80
RT-74 BL 4x15W (2 sided) 210VA 160
RT-74/HACCP HACCP 4x15W (2 sided) 210VA 160

Spare Parts

Type Description
A-1055 Glue board (10pieces)
A-1056 Glue board for RT-72 & RT-74 (10 pieces)






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User Manual

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer