Eco - Supercapacitor



What Makes Supercapacitors Super?
Supercapacitors combine the energy storage properties of batteries with the power discharge characteristics of capacitors.

To achieve their energy density, they contain electrodes composed of very high surface area activated carbon, with a molecule-thin layer of electrolyte. Since the amount of energy able to be stored in a capacitor is proportional to the surface area of the electrode, and inversely proportional to the gap between the electrode and the electrolyte, supercapacitors have an extremely high energy density. They are therefore able to hold a very high electrical charge


The GR-900/30L/SC incorporates a bank of super capacitors instead of normal batteries and offers a 10 year guarantee for the good operation of the entire device. They are self-testing with advance capacitor charging and discharging circuits while simultaneously achieving low power consumption and high power factor 0.93 .
Ambient operating temperature -40o + 65o C.

LED emergency luminaries
Suitable for refrigerators or cold rooms -20ο C
Self-contained & CBS
1,5h - 8h autonomous duration
Wall or Ceiling mounting
90-600 lm

active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer
active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer