Certification of Olympia Electronics’ emergency lighting products from BSΙ


Olympia electronics S.A. has recently acquired a certificate from BSI for the emergency lighting products, GRL-37/90, GRL-37/180, GRL-37/90/WP, GRL-37/180/WP, GRL-37/90/ADR, GRL-37/180/ADR, GRL-37/90/WP/ADR, GRL-37/180/WP/ADR. This is about a series of high-power and addressable emergency luminaires, which are installed on lighting needed spaces. BSI is one of the most esteemed and recognized English Certification agencies.

Olympia Electronics S.A, the largest Greek industrial manufacturer of safety and security systems, with a number of exports that surpass 72 countries worldwide, has adopted a number of production and control procedures. This adoption has led the company in releasing products that are compliant with the European standards of quality and manufacturing.

The security of the consumer represents the top priority and sense of morals of Olympia Electronics S.A, which strives for the production of safety and security systems of immense quality. The acquisition of certifications for the company’s products represents the manufacturer’s compliance with the legislations and also is the necessary requirement for the lawful distribution of the products in the market. Olympia Electronics S.A. has acquired a number of certifications for most of the products, ensuring the following advantages:

- Boosting the trustworthiness of its products

- Reducing the faults during the production

- Attracting consumers who are looking for certified only products.

Providing safer products for the consumers

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer