Technical Description
Fire detection conventional panels BS-1638/MAR, BS-1642/MAR and BS-1646/MAR are designed with 8, 12 and 16 zones accordingly. These panels are constructed in accordance with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 regulations.
Each zone has a maximum capacity of 20 conventional devices, such as conventional detectors and manual call points. The conventional fire detection panels have two 24V siren outputs, fully monitored for open and short circuit conditions. They also have 24V DC outputs to supply magnetic door holders, flow switches, fire curtains and gas detectors. These conventional panels can be connected with the building management system (BMS connection) with three programmable relays that indicate three different situations, normal operation, fault and alarm. The battery backup of these panels is two sealed lead acid batteries 12V with 7Ah or 9Ah and achieve autonomous duration of 72 hours.
The conventional fire detection panels can be programmed from the display and keypad in the front of the panel and also from a common web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox when they are connected through Ethernet with a PC.
Operating Principles
Each zone gives the appropriate indication in the panel, when any of the devices in the zone is activated. Besides the indication in the LCD display, there is a second indication in the respective LED in the front of the panel, where the LED is blinking when there is a fault on the zone.

Important notes

There is the capability to connect conventional fire detection panels into a network and cover bigger installations.


Technical Data

Type BS-1638/MAR BS-1642/MAR BS-1646/MAR
Zones 8 12 16
Power Supply 220-240V AC / 50/60Hz
Charger Stabilized power supply 27,6V/350mA 
Consumption 100VA
Battery Type  2 x Sunlight SP-12 12V(7Ah or 9Ah Lead Acid 
Max. current battery discharge 1 A
Max. Battery Internal Resistance 1Ohm
Battery cut off voltage 21V
Alarm Circuits Two 24V circuits that are monitored for open and short circuit conditions, 0,3A maximum current.
Output is protected by a self-resettable electronic fuse.
Output 24P 24VDC (±3VDC) permanent output with a maximum current 0.3A. The output is protected by a resettable electronic fuse. 
Output 24M 24VDC (±3VDC) output which is interrupted during a reset. The output has maximum current 0.3A. The output is protected with a self-resettable electronic fuse.
Output Relays Three relay contacts that can handle up to 30V DC and 5A maximum. 
Total load The total output power (zone circuits, siren circuits, outputs 24P and 24M) must not exceed 1A. Imax a=Imax b=1A, Imin=60mA
Autonomy 72 hours (Maximum number of connected detectors 220 and 16 zones, no loads connected to the 24V M and 24VP outputs) with two 12V/7Ah batteries.
Degrees of cover protection IP 30
Cables Cables suitable for fire detection systems such as FIP200, MICC, PYROFIL
Fuse Type The panel has only one fuse that is replaceable and which protects the main power supply connection. This fuse has a rating of F 4A 250V TR5 and must be replaced with a fuse of the same type and rating.
Operating temperature range 0 to 50˚C
Humidity Up to 95% relative humidity
Construction material ABS – polycarbonate, Electrostatically painted steel
Dimensions(LxWxH) 345 x 106 x 348 mm
Weight (without batteries) 3740gr. 3780gr. 3820gr.
Produced in accordance with EN 54-2, EN 54-4, IEC 60092-504, IEC 60533
Guarantee 2 years 


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