• GR-272
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-270
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
  • GR-1107/60V/B-973/HT
    Programmable LED Luminaire Converter
Olympia Electronics Participated in International Fire Security and Business matching session in Malaysia.

 Olympia Electronics develops high technology safety and security systems since 1979 and exports in up to 72 countries. In an effort to expand even further its business horizons, took part in a business matching session, organized by the Euro Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the IFSEC South East Asia (Security-Fire-Safety) which was held 7th -9th of September 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This expo is considered one of the biggest and most important of its kind in Asia.


Olympia Electronics while keeps promoting its products to the whole world and its presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is the center of the very promising south-east Asia market, never stops to prove its presence in the whole globe. Company’s main goal is to intrude in the markets of Thailand, Singapore Indonesia and Philippines. Numerous meetings were held between companies from Europe and Asia and Mr. John Kourkoutas, Africa-East Asia Regional manager had the opportunity to present Olympia’s products in the Malaysian and surrounding countries markets, as well as examine the business environment and how the Greek products can find ground there. The results and feedback received were extremely promising.



    OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. through participation in IFSEC, tries to supply the south-east Asia market with its products, by having advantage in quality, reasonable prices and high usability of its them.

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