• BS-468/A/KIT
    Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit
  • CLD-30
    LED Self Testing, Maintained-Non Maintained Emergency Exit Sign
  • GR-270
    Non maintained Spot Light Emergency luminaire with 1 white Power LED
Health and Safety

Olympia electronics, in order to maintain compliance and continuously improve  its performance the following commitments will guide  its, health and safety initiatives and actions. Is committed in:


1.Complying with all applicable laws and regulations and applying more stringent standards and policies wherever necessary to protect its employees

2.Operating its facilities in a manner that protects its employees

3.Seeking to continuously improve its safety performance by preventive actions

4.Designing its products and processes in a manner that minimizes risks from the manufacture, in accordance with legal requirements and customer demands

5.Being a good neighbor in the communities where it operates


The company  runs all the above commitments  according to its Health & safety  policy ( see attached file)  through the oly-q ( Integrated management system).

Olympia Electronics has been re-certified from  LLOYDS for  OHSAS 18001:2007.