Olympia-Electronics  recognizes the importance that actual and potential interactions of its activities have upon the environment, and so  is committed :

1.Complying with relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to its activities, including REACH & rohs.

2.Conducting its activities in a manner that is designed to minimize the impact on the environment and the people who live and work within that environment.

3.Considering the environmental impact of its activities including the responsible use of natural resources and the appropriate control of waste.

4.Conforming with the requirements of ISO 14001 under the umbrella of oly-q  Integrated Management System and the continual improvement of its Environmental Management System by establishing and meeting environmental objectives and targets.

5.Working towards continual improvement and prevention of environmental pollution.


The cοmpany  runs all the above commitments  according to its environmental policy ( see attached file)  through the oly-q ( Integrated management system) and is certified from Bureau Veritas for ΙSO 14001:2007.


Last years emphasis from Olympia Electronics  is given in:

  1. “ green family of product “ targeting market of Northern Europe  and
  2.  continuous information and compliance with regulation of REACH , RohS with the aid  and cooperation of   partners www.imsandquality.grwww.cylteha.fr

Olympia Electronics comply with the requirements of the SEC’s conflict mineral rule and expect its suppliers to do the same (see policy)

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active³ 5.3 · IPS κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων · Disclaimer